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PMX is turning an eye towards the new emerging Lithium market that has been brought forward by advances in “Green” renewable energy.

Lithium is a fairly common element in the Earth’s crust but only sporadically in concentrations that can be exploited commercially. Since Lithium unlike sodium potassium and calcium, is highly soluble and as the others are precipitated in “playa” saline deposits, the lithium is concentrated in the remaining brine. This fact suggests the internal drainage system represent the most promising exploration target. Pegmatites with high concentrations of lithium (in the mineral called Spodumene).

Lithium uses are numerous including ceramics, glass, electronics, Lubricating greases, Metallurgy, Silicon nano-welding, Pyrotechnics, Air purification, Optics, Organic and polymer chemistry, Military applications, Nuclear, Medicine and most importantly as Lithium-ion batteries.The projected expanded use of Lithium is expected to outstrip the current supply and known resources in the near future.

The Lithium-ion battery is being considered the major breakthrough in “Alternative Green” energy producing more power for smaller size that is being used in the new upstart “electric” car especially as being built by Tesla.

Lithium ion batteries are the way of the future and PMX is doing its part to ensure a reasonable secure supply.

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