The Case For Investment Grade Gold on Demand

Starting with England and Germany around WWI, and later in the 1970’s with the US coming off the gold standard gold, gold was removed as the international currency standard to allow for fiat currency and for governments to print money as needed.

Gold has transitioned from the oldest currency to a currency backer to a banned currency to an investment that has outperformed many others over the last five years: In 2006 the demand for Total bar and coin investments was 438 Tonnes ($5.7 Billion), by 2010 the demand increased to 1149 Tonnes ($45.3 Billion).

While the surge in demand for physical gold can be attributed to many factors, we feel that it is resurfacing as an international currency of choice. Our market niche is to provide the mechanism for increasing the supply of gold bars and coins and allow them to be freely traded, collateralized, and dispensed on demand by the common man from our gold terminals.

Gold-dispensing vending machine at Town Center mall

Gold Price: $1163.00
2015.07.04 end-of-day

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